Unveiling Our Heritage: The Truro Story

Journey through Time and Flavor, From 1860 to London 2023

Our Culinary Odyssey: A Tale of Heritage and Flavor

In 1860, the Truro sailed from Southern Asia to the welcoming shores of Port Natal, South Africa. The resilient South Asian community that emerged crafted a culinary heritage as enduring as their spirit.

Now in 2023, The Truro Restaurant in London pays homage to this rich history. Our team, with roots in South Asia, South Africa, and various other parts of Africa, brings a tapestry of flavours to your table – a celebration of Indo-African tastes.

From perfectly grilled prawns to humble but beloved toasties, our menu is inspired by the diverse South African influences. Every dish narrates a story of resilience and shared experiences, with authentic spices sourced directly from South Africa. Join us for more than a meal – an exhilarating adventure through our culinary story!

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A Global Flavor Maestro!

Originally from Zimbabwe, Chef Herbert discovered his passion for creating delicious dining experiences in South Africa before bringing his magic to London at The Truro. With 12 years of expertise cultivated in South Africa and Dubai, Head Chef Herbert’s creations are a delightful fusion of flavours. Join us as he adds his unique touch to our menu, crafting a symphony of tastes that knows no boundaries.

Grill and Seafood Enchanté!

Hailing from Kuwait, Chef Mohamed has been spicing up London’s restaurant scene for the past five years. Specializing in grills and seafood, Mohamed’s journey has adorned several renowned establishments in the city. His dedication to perfecting these flavors brings a delightful experience to The Truro. Join us in savoring the blend of Indo-African delights and London’s diversity, curated by Chef Mohamed.

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The Truro Ship with passengers
The Truro Ship
The Truro boat with immigrants
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